The search for trusted, proven and experienced marketing professionals.

Hello, and welcome. In this video, I want to briefly touch on how do we go about vetting the marketing professionals that we recommend completing the marketing activities on your behalf.

So there’s a couple of steps we take here.

First, how we initially engage with them. The marketing professional may reach out to us, expressing interest in joining the marketing broker network. Alternatively, we may reach out to them after receiving positive industry feedback or following them online. From the initial engagement, we then move into the evaluation stage.

In the evaluation stage, there a couple of steps that we take. Firstly we meet them in person. We prefer to go to their offices. That way, we can see what their operation is like, meet their staff members, and simply see them in their own space. We discuss their marketing approach, asking a variety of questions, including; what does customer service mean to them, how they develop a marketing strategy; their processes; and how they report and communicate results. We also spend time understanding what makes them unique. One of the main things we’re looking for as part of joining our network is that we are clear as to why we’re recommending them. Perhaps they have a specific niche or industry they serve, or a specialisation in marketing tactics. We want to see how they add immense value add to the marketing industry. We are also assessing the way they operate, including their personality using programs like Crystal Knows. We understand that a successful partnership between a business owner and a marketer is based on two things; cultural fit and expertise fit. We review their portfolio, examples of their work and customer reviews and testimonials.

After the evaluation is complete and we determine they are a good fit, we send them a contract. The contract outlines what the partnership agreement looks like, including details on the sales commissions. We use a standardised commission rate, so it’s the same for all of our partners. The rate is 15% for one-off projects and the monthly subscription work 15% for the first three months, then 5% ongoing. The rate is based on the average cost per acquisition for a marketing professional. The cost of securing a new client – as this is the process we are taking on for our partners. We bring them a signed client.

The next stage is a trial period. We work fast to provide the first signed client. The first one, we are more involved in the process, particularly during the first month. We want to hands-on experience working with them, to see how they operate, how they communicate and how they execute. We review their results, with them and the client. A way for us to learn more about the provider: this not only makes it easier for us to sell their services with confidence, but we may be able to assist with refining their processes.

The next stage is on-going monitoring. After the first client, we have established trust in their approach to marketing and customer service. We can see what they shared with us, and their portfolio is consistent with what they’re doing with the clients we brought on. On-going monitoring includes setting up Google alerts, social listening and other tools, so we are notified of any positive or negative comments about the provider. We also like to stay in touch, with regular catch-ups – often by phone or over a coffee. We want to understand what is working, not working and if we can help in any way. So we want to make sure those conversations on recurring as well.

So broadly that’s the vetting process. If you happen to know of a good quality marketing professional or good quality marketing agency that you recommend that we have a look at, potentially bring on. Please, send us an email or reach out to us on social media. We would love to hear your thoughts as we continue to expand our network. So thank you for listening. My name is Luke Hawley, Managing Director of Marketing Broker Australia. Thanks. Bye.

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