Specialised Database Campaign for B2B - Includes Telemarketing, Printed Marketing, & Email Marketing

For Some, Yes …

So, what is a targeted lumpy mail campaign? We send a premium package to a pre-selected & pre-qualified list of business decision-makers.

Our providers’ source and qualify the list by calling the business first, asking to speak with the decision-maker and seeking permission to send them a physical package in the mail (or send an email if they prefer) which includes details of services on offer and often includes a gift (the lumpy part). We then follow up 1-2 weeks later with another call, to book an appointment. All this managed within your CRM.

Think About

Physically engaging with printed items engages more of the senses than digital. You can feel the weight of your document and the quality of the paper, smell the ink, hear the pages turn. Creating something tangible adds credibility – you are not just another digital shop front.

A powerful, highly effective campaign tactic to reach the often ‘difficult to reach’ decision makers of prospective businesses. The campaign includes multiple touchpoints, building your database, and on average costing less than $60 per company (all-inclusive of costs)—great value, enabling a broad reach for the campaign.

We Can Help

We partner with a selection of providers, each specialising in a particular aspect of this campaign type. South East Queensland Only. Regardless of your budget or whether you are a new or established business, we can find tailor the campaign for you and your business.

How It Works

After you speak with one of our marketing brokers, we will provide you with a personalised proposal, with a few options for your review and approval.

The marketing broker will act as the project manager for this campaign, bringing in strategy providers to assist in campaign execution. It will start with a strategy session with the team, project timeline, then develop the assets for your review and approval. Source the list and set up within your CRM or via excel if you prefer. Then execute the multi-step campaign, keeping you informed at every stage.

A Case Study

Versatile Structures

Jamie operates a fast-growing, established, shade sails manufacturer, install, maintenance and repair business in Brisbane. Jamie built a business on a quality product, exceptional, timely service, and competitive prices. Their most extensive and most proud project is with Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

Jamie has seen too many schools in his local community with aged, poorly maintained, inferior shade sails. Shade sails not only protect kids from the sun but beautifies the playground, elevating the experience. Schools are notoriously difficult to reach with marketing efforts. Often many gatekeepers to the decision-maker.

Seamless Team Support

Our marketing broker introduced Jamie and the team to the targeted lumpy mail campaign and acted as the project manager.  The campaign included:

  • Sourced a list of schools in the Brisbane area
  • Set up the campaign within their Zoho CRM
  • Designed & produced high quality printed items including a helpful gift for schools
  • Called, mailed, & called each school, to learn more about their sails, and offer free consultations

Planning Ahead

The campaign provided multiple bookings, new jobs and captured valuable data. A high ROI that will continue to deliver over time. As a result, Jamie and the team at Versatile Structures are exploring the following expansion options:

  • On-going email marketing campaign with Zoho CRM
  • Expand targeted lumpy mail campaign to other industries
  • Explore social media marketing to build off campaign success.
  • Produce high-quality business profile video and video series to help schools identify issues with their shade sails

If you would to speak to a Marketing Broker about the marketing of your business, please visit our contact us page to learn more and book your free consultation.