You Have Just 12 Seconds to Prove Your Credibility, Your Expertise and Your Value with A Website

Yes, But …

Your website should be viewed as a long-term investment. You may start simple, with a single page then build it over time to shares more of you and your services.

Your website should elevate who you are and what you do. So do not rush in, as a poorly developed website can do more harm than good. Visitors will derive your credibility, trustworthiness, and potential value from what they see and read on your website.

You can start and build a business without a website. For most businesses, after the first six months, when you have at least $2K to spend, it is time to explore your options.

Think About

Just like your vehicle or shop front, your website should be treated as a critical asset to service delivery.

A quality, visually appealing, with well-written content that is optimised for search, is critical to get returns on this essential long-term investment. Every two years, you should review and update your website.

As you grow, so can your website. The website can start to automate more of your sales and customer service functions. You can add booking systems, learning management systems, e-commerce, integrate with your CRM, add FAQs, chatbots and much much more.

Learn More

How does It work?

After you speak with one of our marketing brokers, we will provide you with a personalised proposal, with a few options for your review and approval. We can also recommend development phases, so you can manage your spend, so the website grows with you.

Our providers will ask you to complete an induction form. Your marketing broker, at your request, at no charge to you, can be made available for the kick-off meeting. The provider will organise domain hosting, website hosting, email, and anything else you need to get started.

A Case Study

DR Landscaping

The Mission. Dave and Katie from DR landscaping had been running a very successful landscaping business for a few years. Their website had not been updated for some time and did not reflect just how good they are. It focused on residential; for them, the ample opportunity was in commercial or large residential jobs. They needed a website that showcased who they are and what they can do.

Getting the team together We sourced a specialist web-developer for trade services. She had a keen eye for design and bringing to life the photos shared by Dave and Katie. We also brought on a professional copywriter to write the copy for each page – optimising for search. An SEO expert was also brought on to provide an SEO strategy outline to help in developing the website.

Seamless Team Support

Our marketing broker provided project management support. Dave & Katie were able to view and provide feedback on the website, as it was being developed, via a link, available 24/7. Continuous communication throughout the project provided:

  • Refined photo selection & sharpen the copy, to leverage Katie’s expertise.
  • Refine menu and website flow to ensure the right services are prioritised
  • Hands-on training for Katie to self-manage the website

Planning Ahead

The website was completed on time and within budget. Dave & Katie proud the website showcases just how good they are. Also, they are eager to add three key features to the website in the coming 6-12 months.

  • Premium Business Profile Video – to set the standard for $30K residential projects.
  • Additional SEO pages as part of the monthly SEO campaign
  • Booking Feature, designed to qualify leads before scheduling appointments.

If you would to speak to a Marketing Broker about the marketing of your business, please visit our contact us page to learn more and book your free consultation.