Facebook Is the World’s Largest and Most Sophisticated Marketing Platform

Yes …

Facebook is free; 62% of Australians are on Facebook every day, you should be too. Australians spend, on average, 10 hrs a week on Facebook, over 44% follow businesses on Facebook. 68% read online reviews and blogs before shopping, and over 90% trust online recommendations.

Australians are mindful of who they are following on Facebook. More than 50% are more likely to trust brands if they interact positively with customers, make their content engaging and relevant, and keep it regularly updated. 18% stopped following at least one company or brand on social media in the past three months (Yellow Social Report, 2018).

Think About

The secret to succeeding on Facebook is authenticity and relatedness. We all respond to stories that connect with us at an emotional level. We want to celebrate you and your customer’s victories. We want to learn why you do what you do and how you do it. The content people respond to the most is the content only you can share.

The role of an agency is to provide you with a strategy for the content you will help create. They will build campaigns, based on your consumer’s journey, so they see the stories, experiences & offers at the right time, in the proper order, that will lead to higher conversions. Plus help you manage those relationships, to create superior experiences, leading to more positive reviews and mentions on Facebook.

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We Can Help

We partner with a variety of social media managers, from single operators to full-service agencies. Australia-wide. Regardless of your budget or growth objectives, we can find the right partner for you and your business. Specialisations include:

  • Trade, professional and personal services
  • Hospitality & tourism
  • Learning Management Systems
  • E-commerce

How It Works

After you speak with one of our marketing brokers, we will provide you with a personalised proposal, with a few options for your review and approval.

Our providers will ask you to complete an induction form. Your marketing broker, at your request, at no charge to you, can be made available for the kick-off meeting. The provider will partner with you on strategy, content creation and ad spend. It is a partnership, between you and the provider, each completing and reviewing tasks, every week.

Case Study

The Smile Workx

Chintan runs a successful dental practice. Marketing efforts had focused on Google Ads and SEO. The results were reliable. However, Chintan identified less than 10% of his customer base were under 45 years old. Chintan prided himself on offering family-friendly service and was eager to expand into this market.

Chintan completed the growth plan, focusing on families and identified the four ways he can grow his business with this target market. From $900 per month, within four months, Chintan went from 2 bookings per month from Facebook to 20 bookings per month. Over 30% under 45 years old.

Seamless Team Support

We sourced a Facebook manager, a copywriter, photographer, and a graphic designer to support Chintan’s monthly campaign. The marketing broker operated as a project manager, sharing strategy and results with Chintan’s business coach. The campaign included

  • 6x Awareness Ads per month
  • Facebook Ads, Pixel & Audiences Set Up & Manage
  • Professional photography to capture Chintan & his team’s beautiful smile & practice.

Planning Ahead

The Facebook campaign was set up to grow with his business. The first eight weeks we targeted a larger local audience. Then we re-target the ads to those that engaged with the ads with a call to action ad. This means his ads are not randomly targeting people but targeting those who are interested in his services.

Chintan is exploring adding the following conversion options:

  • Professional, Business Video Showcase
  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot
  • Re-Targeting Facebook Campaigns based on new audiences

If you would to speak to a Marketing Broker about the marketing of your business, please visit our contact us page to learn more and book your free consultation.