93% Of Online Experiences Begin with Search

Yes, But …

93% Of Online Experiences Begin with Search

When was the last time you typed in a complete web address into your phone or PC browser? I bet, like 93% of Australians, you typed in a business name into a search bar and navigated to the website from there. It does not matter how great your website is, or how often you promote your web address on social or print marketing; if people cannot find you from a Google, Bing or Apple Maps search, they may never find you. In fact, just 13% of Australians look beyond the first three results on search.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the term to describe the process of ranking a website in a search engine (think Google or Bing) to appear on the first page for different search terms. Knowing what and what not to do can take years of learning – not to mention the time investment it is to carry out all the associated tasks. SEO takes time to deliver meaningful results, usually between 6-9 months. It is a long-term investment to build an asset that will continue to generate leads for you, long after you cancel your SEO services. That is the key difference between SEO and Google Ads – short vs long-term benefits.

If you are looking for immediate results from a search, Google allows you to purchase the best real estate on the search result page via Google Ads. Yet, how these campaigns work and how they can be useful is a relative unknown to most businesses. Yes, only 20% of Australians click on Google ads. However, 20% of thousands of local searches for your service every month from people with an INTENT to purchase, is still a must-have investment for most local service providers, particularly if you are just starting.

If a website were your shopfront, search would be your signage. Did you know 93% of online experiences start with a search? Think about your own experience. When was the last time you typed in a web address? Even for the brands you know and use, you will likely use search to navigate to their webpage.

It is imperative that your business is easily found on search. Search engines such as Google and Bing aim to provide trusted, credible, quality answers to their user’s search queries. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about making it easier for your website to rank organically (i.e. without having to pay for clicks or ads) on search engines. There are hundreds of factors that go into that ranking, and they change regularly. But it is much easier if you have well-researched, compelling, engaging content on your website to start with.

Think About

How do they know which business to trust?

  • A well-built, secure, mobile optimised, fast loading website
  • Quality dynamic content. A mix of text, photos, video, and applications.
  • Your content is shared by other trusted websites, including social media, that are authorities in your industry


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How It Works

After you speak with one of our marketing brokers, we will provide you with a personalised video proposal. The video will take you through your opportunities with search and give a few pricing options.

Once approved by you, our provider will ask you to complete an induction form and seek access to your website. They get to work, optimising your website based on an agreed keyword strategy. They will keep you informed along the way. At month 3, you will be given access to a dashboard to review progress, which is updated daily.

Case Study

Viking Mortgages

Ditte of Viking Mortgages had built an award-winning local mortgage brokerage. Her business was built on providing exceptional service, particularly for first home buyers. As lending regulations in Australia changed, resulting in a downturn in new home buyers, Ditte looked to expand into other financial lending areas.

Seamless Team Support

Our team developed a local, keyword strategy, focusing on two key service areas, home loans and car finance. For just $250pm, within four months, we achieved the following:

  • Ranked top 3 for car-finance in 5 suburbs
  • Ranked top 10 for home loans in 12 suburbs
  • DOUBLED website traffic

Planning Ahead

As a result of the SEO campaign, Ditte was able to reduce her ad spend on social media significantly.

Ditte is also exploring adding new conversion features to her websites:

  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot
  • Booking System
  • Google My Business

If you would to speak to a Marketing Broker about the marketing of your business, please visit our contact us page to learn more and book your free consultation.