Targeted Call List + Simple, Helpful Script + Relatable Telemarketer = Quality Lead Generation

It Depends …

Telemarketing gets a bad rap – and most of the time, sadly, it is well justified. Despite attempts to legislate, the number of spam and scam calls are increasing. So, what is good telemarketing?

Good telemarketing should feel like a well-constructed sales conversation. Instead of inundating the prospect with information about your deals or products, you listen, engage, and openly converse with them, learning more about their lives and what they may be looking for. The initial sense of discomfort that the prospect might feel when being on the receiving end of a telemarketing call is not there. Even if they are not interested in your company, product or service, they won’t feel disrespected and interrupted by an intrusive call.

Think About

A few examples of how telemarketing can be used effectively to generate quality sales:

  • To follow up a few months after an initial meeting or appointment
  • To follow up on leads in your CRM that have gone cold
  • To organise a catch-up meeting with customers, you have not spoken to for some time
  • To seek permission to send an email or lumpy mail with business offering details
  • To invite decision-maker to a special event
  • To inform decision-maker of a new service or technology that will help them

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How It Works

After you speak with one of our marketing brokers, we will provide you with a personalised referral to a quality, Australian-based telemarketing firm. Our strategic partners are specialised in CRM management, ensuring the work they do is tracked and managed within your current systems. 

Once you approve the plan, our provider will work with you developing the call list and drafting the script. The team will then run a test with a sample of the call list. Refine the process based on the results, then call the full list. You will be provided with weekly reports, and your CRM will be updated. Meetings can be booked on your behalf and follow up emails can be sent as well.

Case Study

Sunsure Financial Planning

John from Sunsure Financial Planning has provided financial and insurance advice for over 25 years. He had built a database of over 5000 people. Many still an insurance client, just paying their yearly dues.

John wanted to reconnect and see if he can better serve their needs. John understood that a lot changes as you age and wanted to make sure they were adjusting their plans based on where they are in their life.

Seamless Team Support

Our partner first reviewed the database to understand Sunsure client base better. They developed a separate engagement plan for the main types of customers found. Tailored script and tracking were also established for each. The campaign objectives were:

  • Check the details in the database was still accurate
  • Understand what their current financial goals are
  • Organise a meeting with John to update their plans based on their financial goals

Planning Ahead

The telemarketing campaign was executed during the royal banking commission and enabled John to speak with his clients proactively. It leads to increases in online recommendations and positive word of mouth for John, at a time when personal and professional reputation was most important. John is looking to add to his marketing with:

  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot
  • Informational / Helpful Videos
  • Google My Business / Review Management

If you would to speak to a Marketing Broker about the marketing of your business, please visit our contact us page to learn more and book your free consultation.