I enjoy networking. There is a good chance, like me, you have attended hundreds of events over the years. Weekly breakfast referral groups, chamber of commerce events, industry-specific events, and conferences (conveniently via zoom) and more. My background is in sales and marketing with Procter & Gamble. I find networking keeps me connected to my customers. In the same way, “store walks” kept me connected to shoppers. I get to talk to potential customers and partners every week, in-person. I learn a lot. Through those discussions, my big ideas like Marketing Broker Australia and B2B Sunshine Coast evolved. I listened, thought about it and worked with a team of experts to build solutions.

The potential of b2bsunshinecoast is super exciting. For me, b2bsunshinecoast is to go beyond just networking. I wanted to create a hub of Sunshine Coast expertise. A proactive, collaborative group of professionals that dedicate their lives to helping business owners find their own success. I wanted to support this community with an interactive membership website, incentivised referrals, monthly events, professional development opportunities, and reward and recognition—ill elaborate on each.

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Interactive membership website – Safe to say, there are a few member listing websites out there. We wanted a clean, beautiful, easy to use experience for visitors to the website. When searching for a b2b professional, we use “endorsements” as the point of difference. Fellow b2bsunshinecoast members can only make endorsements. Professionals that have the experience and expertise to evaluate their peers in their respective industry adequately.  The more endorsements mean the more the b2bsunshinecoast community supports and uses their services. Instead of asking a group of strangers on Facebook for their opinions, you are getting a qualified response. Our members can also share videos, post blogs, and offer directly on the website we share on our socials and email newsletters.

Incentivised referrals – The business community on Sunshine Coast is renowned for supporting local businesses with referrals, ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing and collaboration, contributing to a thriving, successful business network. The year 2020 has shown us that when we leverage online platforms to help build business success, we thrive and prosper. In partnership with refrra, we have launched a brand-new way for our members to get more out of what they do well – refer local business – the best part…. they are paid every time they refer business to each other on the online platform.

Here is an example. My business, Marketing Broker Australia, offers b2bsunshinecoast members $200 for every website referral they provide us that we convert into a customer. The app allows us to manage those leads and pay those incentives. As the business owner, I am in complete control of how much and when I pay. Not only that, when you promote and endorse preferred businesses and advertise your offers, you generate more interest and attract more eyes to your brand to create new leads and incremental income.

Monthly events – I want to raise the bar for networking events on the Sunshine Coast. Ambitious, I know. I have gone to too many events where I felt I missed an opportunity. An opportunity to meet more people, learn more about those in the room, and improve my networking skills. Every month, we host LinkedIn Local Sunshine Coast. An event run worldwide with the mission “to get to know the people behind the profile”. Perfectly aligned with our vision. Every month, we provide casual and structured networking. The structured networking activity offers fantastic advice for your elevator pitch and the opportunity to share it with others. PLUS, every month, we run a 45-minute hands-on workshop on a variety of topics – all aimed to help you get more out of your marketing and LinkedIn. For the full line up of presenters for 2021, check out our events page here.

Professional development – I refer to myself as a student of marketing, a teacher of marketing and a broker of marketing services. I am hooked on marketing podcasts. My Twitter feed is filled with marketing news. My LinkedIn is populated with inspiration from fellow marketing professionals. I teach at the University of the Sunshine Coast. So, every week I am telling marketing stories. My day job with Marketing Broker Australia allows me to speak with business owners and other marketers about marketing. Yep, that is me – I genuinely enjoy teaching and learning from others.

Education is the silver bullet. It can be an absolute game-changer for business owners. A little bit of help, the odd tidbit can make all the difference.  That is why we launched hubsunshinecoast—the hub of Sunshine Coast expertise. An online platform allows our members to create and share courses, books, templates, webinars and more – either free or at a cost. The platform is free for any business owner to enrol in. We already have over 100 lessons, with A LOT to come from our community over the coming months. I have a hunch, this time next year, the hubsunshinecoast is the most exciting, innovative part of what we do with b2bsunshinecoast. Check it out here.

Reward & recognition – I want to ask you a question when the last time you celebrated a win? A little success like; secured a new client, published a blog, seeing your client’s smile when they know things will be better because of you. Like me, you are in this to help others succeed. It is what motivates us. Most of us are working on our own, in our homes, distant from our peers. That pat on the back from a peer is often too few and far apart. Perhaps you are a quiet achiever who has never truly been recognised for your work.

I am on a mission to change that. We have created a group that rewards, elevates, and promotes achievement. Yes, you can make money from referrals. We want to take it one step further by acknowledging the fantastic work of our community. The details are still a little hush-hush and a little dependant on the community’s growth over the next few months. Just know, that we know, you deserve to have your work and support recognised.

Luke provides a full walkthrough of what you can expect with a b2bsunshine coast membership in the below video.

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My hope in sharing this with you, as a fellow b2b professional, you share our ambitions. You want to be part of a group that embraces technology and is not afraid to innovate. That is community-driven. To go beyond networking and provide meaningful, value-added opportunities that proactively supports the broader business community. A chance to share your expertise with others and be rewarded for it. To learn and be inspired by locals. Suppose this sounds like the perfect fit for you. Please join us. Join-us, click the link here!

We have provided immense value, with the plan to add so much more via the community’s growth. You may be expecting to pay $1500 per year for this type of membership group. It is a long list of inclusions: listing on an interactive membership website; monthly networking events; 24/7 online referral platform; professional development – where you can share your courses & books; PLUS, promotion of your blogs and posts on social media; PLUS, reward and recognition. Our membership prices start at just $200+gst per year or $20+gst per month. Join-us, click the link here!

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