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Do you need digital marketing training & Coaching?

For some, Yes ...

So you’ve got a small business, and you’re here, right now, because you know you need marketing. My guess is you’ve had all the “marketing guru’s” and “the best agency’s” pitch you their services at prices that made you choke on your coffee. Maybe you even took them up on their offer, and they did stuff, you have no idea what they did really, or how it worked, and you still haven’t grown your business to where you want it to be.

We want to empower you, to help make better choices on your marketing, so you get the results you want, with a strategy and tactics you personally understand.

Think About

There is a wealth of free training content available. Just check out our D.I.Y. marketing section. The challenge is bringing all this together for you and your business. So you can just focus on what is important to grow your business. Plus the immense value is just knowing, you have someone to call, who knows you and your business, when you need help.

A digital marketing trainer is patient, thoughtful, structured and resourceful. The trainer should match your commitment to professional development, by being a trusted, honest, helpful, fun adviser throughout your journey.

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Small Business Owners

We Can Help

We partner with a variety of digital marketing trainers and coaches. South East Queensland Only. Spots are limited and often booked in advance. Your training will cover:

–> Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

–> Social Media Marketing

–> Google Ads and Google My Business

–> Search Engine Optimisation

–> Website Design & Management

–> Graphic Design & Branding

Schedule, 1on1 Coaching, Homework & Review, On Call Help

How it Works

After you speak with one of our marketing brokers we will provide you with a proposal, and available dates for your review and approval. 

Our providers will ask you to complete an induction form. Your marketing broker, at your request, at no charge to you, can be made available for the kick-off meeting. Training & Coaching is a joint commitment, between you and the provider, each completing and reviewing tasks, every week. 

Case Study

Peace of Mind Property

Karoline from Peace of Mind Property, is a single operator, based in the Noosa Hinterland, Imbil. Karoline specialises in managing property in regional areas, placing the right tenant in property that at times, can be difficult to fill. Karoline has built her business on providing insightful, personalised service, offers trusted advice and committed to delivering return on investment for the property owners.

Karoline is not comfortable with technology, so we organised the coaching to be done in person. Karoline received a Queensland government grant that covered 50% of her training & coaching costs.

Seamless Team Support

Laptops, coffee, homework done and ready to learn. Our trainer provided hands on coaching and support, working at a pace Karoline was comfortable with. Karoline’s takeaways included:

Planning Ahead

Karoline expanded her marketing to include SEO. Now ranked in the top 10 for 22 keywords. Over 1000 visitors to her website from mid May to mid Sept, 50% increase. Karoline also organised professional photography, to make her weekly posts even easier, sharing photos of her, her horses and her at work. Karoline is exploring adding the following to her marketing:

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