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Identify your 4 growth opportunities

Control of your marketing, starts with understanding what are the big opportunities for your business and the dollar value of each. We call it, the "FOUR MORES OF MARKETING"

prioritise your marketing

We will provide guidance on what to prioritise with your marketing spend, based on ROI. Make informed choices, that delivers on your short & long term financial goals.

calculate your roi target

We will show you how to calculate return on investment (ROI), based on profit and cost. The number one metric you will use to track any marketing agency or professional performance.

ready to share marketing brief

Your growth plan doubles as a briefing document for any marketing agency or professional. You set the tone, the expectations and give them what they need for a fast start.

Free Worksheet & Video Tutorials

How it works?

Simply click any “Get Started” button. You will be taken to the growth plan online worksheet. You will be asked for your details (so we can email you the growth plan).

Then start answering each question. Each section of the growth plan is supported with a video, taking you through each question, sharing examples and providing helpful tips and suggestions along the way.  For most businesses, it will take 45-60 minutes to complete.

You can save as you go, so if you need to step away or come back to it later, you can. Once complete, simply hit submit and we will email you a pdf version of the growth plan. If you need to make a change or update it, simply come back here, share your details and the form will be updated with what you shared previously, so you can update and get a new growth plan. All FREE of charge.

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Frequently asked questions

The growth plan takes 45-60 minutes to complete. So best to start it, at a time when you have little to no distractions. The growth plan will ask questions about your business, financial objectives, and target market. To help, we recommend having:

–> Your previous financial statements

–> List of your products and/or services, with price and recent sales data

–> Social profiles open, like Facebook and Google My Business – to help answer questions about your target market.

The growth plan is completely FREE. You are welcome to complete at anytime. We will send you a pdf version and you are welcome to share with any third party. If you would like to discuss the growth plan with one of our growth plan consultants, you are are most welcome. Pricing and availability for consultations are provided below.

No, anyone from any country is welcome to complete a growth plan for their use. At the moment the growth plan is in English only. The growth plan has been designed to suit any business. However our growth plan consultants are all based in Australia with Australian business experience only. Currently all of our marketing service providers, serve Australian businesses only.

You are welcome to review our full privacy and terms of service statement here.

Luke Hawley, our managing director designed the growth plan. The document is based on over 12 years of industry experience. Luke has worked for market leading brands with Australia and New Zealand’s largest retailers, he is also a lecturer and tutor of marketing at a regional University and has operated a digital marketing agency for almost two years. 

The growth plan has been in development for almost two years, with variations of the growth plan shared with hundreds of business owners as part of the iteration process. The objective is simple, to empower local business owners to take control of their marketing. If a business owner understands exactly where the growth will come from, and how to calculate return on investment, they can make more informed choices about where to spend their money to grow their business.

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Growth Plan + Consultation = Clarity

The growth plan may ask you the right questions, but sometimes, you need a little help to find the right answers. Our marketing brokers can help refine your growth plan, share relevant examples, and provide personalised advise so you have true clarify on your action plan. To get a fast start on your marketing plan, why not speak to an expert.


Growth Plan


growth plan
+ 1HR consult


growth plan
+ 3HR workshop

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"I have worked with Luke on several occasions and have always been impressed by both his knowledge and process, and the results from Marketing Broker Australia are fantastic. Highly recommend contacting them for your marketing needs."
Sean Parer
"If you want your business to be seen and heard in the best possible way, then talk to Luke at Marketing Broker Australia because he will it make it happen. Contact him and start your business booming now."
Steve Dodson
"Luke has gone above what was expected in passing on his knowledge and helping us get our message out."
James Bermingham
"Luke from Marketing Broker Australia had fantastic experience and advice, can highly recommend for all your marketing needs."
Scott Sherwin
"Luke from Marketing broker designed and built my website and did a fantastic job. His attention to detail knows no bounds."
David Reynolds
"Having worked with Luke on various occasions, I can vouch for his professionalism and vast marketing knowledge. If you need marketing advice from someone who knows his stuff, I can highly recommend you make the time to talk to him."
Sophia Auld
"Luke has a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to design, marketing and social media and everything to promote your business."
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"Luke from Marketing Broker Australia has the complete array of public promotional services for your business. Its a one stop shop for everything marketing. I would highly recommend Luke for any business looking for public promotion and new business gathering."
John Core
"Eudomia Group made the whole process of setting up social media run smoothly."
Isabel Hooper

The 5 steps of the growth plan


Understanding Your Business

A strong unique selling proposition improves your marketing as a whole and helps bolster revenue because it gives your market a specific reason to buy. If your marketer understands what makes you different, and with whom, they can better tailor the campaign for your business.


Clarifying Your Goals

Establishing clear goals that is agreed upon between you and the marketer is essential. You should treat this like a joint business plan. You are both accountable to the results.  It defines what is success, sets expectations and help map out your efforts moving forward.


Identify Your Growth Opportunities

Many businesses find it difficult to track marketing results. Yes, building your brand and increasing top of mind awareness is important. To take control of your marketing with an agency, you want to set a target you can personally track. If you are clear on what exactly you want to sell more of and with whom, you can track it yourself. This step outlines the priorities of your marketing.


Understanding Your Customers

The customer is the foundation to any business success. Taking the time to understand why your ideal customers are choosing and not choosing you is essential. For a marketer, it guides the messaging, the language used, the visual assets selected and the targeting methods deployed. No one knows your customer better than you. You are with them everyday. A marketer needs your help to capture the insights they need to design a winning campaign.


Your Action Plan

Setting clear, time-specific targets, with a budget that delivers high ROI, ensures you and your marketing partners are all on the same page. The monthly or quarterly reviews become focused on one thing - sustainable gross profit growth. Marketing tactics chosen should be based on the consumer journey - which is unique for every business. This is where a marketing broker during a growth plan consultation can add the most value. Help determine the right tactics through a consumer journey workshop.

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In less than a hour you will have a marketing plan you can personally track and use with any marketing professional.

growth plan + consultation = clarity


Growth Plan


growth plan
+ 1HR consult


growth plan
+ 3HR workshop

Free Growth Plan

Your Marketing Journey Starts Here.