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In 2008, BP spent $211 Million for their logo re-design. Your logo sets the tone for everything printed or digital. Your business cards, your website, your social media, your car signs, outdoor signs, uniform, invoicing, and more. Your logo should capture your identity, your values, and elicit affective responses in consumers, elevating their perception of professionalism & quality.

There are online tools available to produce your logo for free and if you look hard enough you will find <$100 solutions. Like anything, you get what you pay for. Your logo is something you should be proud of, excited to share with others. Take the time and spend a little more, to make sure you get this right – as it will save you in the long run.

Think About

One of the greatest challenges for established businesses, particularly local service providers, is pricing up their services. This might include a shift from residential to commercial clients. Your clients are making judgements on perceived quality and professionalism based on visual cues provided. Reflect on your own experiences, you perceive someone who has a professional uniform, clean, simply branded car, quality printed materials, sharp looking website and social, all with a consistent look and feel as more premium that someone without

Logo design is an iterative, creative process. You should be part of this. You are looking for a visual artist that can take a brief and  bring it to life, with the foresight on how it will be used across any medium.

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We partner with a variety of visual artist that specialise in logo design and branding, from single operators to full-service agencies. Australia-wide. Regardless of your budget or whether you are a new or established business, we can find the right partner for you and your business.

Consult, Design, Review, Re-Design, Review, Re-Design, approve & share

How it Works

After you speak with one of our marketing brokers we will provide you with a personalised proposal, with a few options for your review and approval. 

Our providers will organise a 30-45 min consultation with you, asking a series of questions to get to know you and your brand. Your marketing broker, at your request, at no charge to you, can be made available for the kick-off meeting. The provider will collaborate with you, sharing multiple rounds of designs. 

You will receive print ready files and a style guide. Style guide will let other designers know the colours, fonts and other details used for form the logo, plus give direction on how to use it in common situations.

A Case Study

Words Mean Business

Sophia is a copy-writer and one of our recommended vendors. Sophia had operated under her own name for a few years. It was time to take her home business to the next level, looking to attract larger clients. Sophia has built her success on attention to detail, quality service and taking the time to understand her clients needs and involving them in the process.

Sophia was looking for a logo design that reflected all of this. Sophia also loves the colours of the ocean and has always appreciated the shape of the nautilus shell and its relationship with the Fibonacci’s sequence.

Seamless Team Support

We sourced a visual artist that shares Sophia’s attention to detail. Over 40 designs were developed, to find the perfect combination and balance of assets. An iterative process that Sophia included her family in, increasing their excitement & debate with each new round of designs. The logo design included:

Planning Ahead

Sophia was able to use the style guide provided for her logo and partner with our recommended website and social media developers to create a consistent, beautiful online presence.

Sophia is now exploring the following options for her marketing:

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