Only 30% of Small Businesses have a strategic Plan for Social Media

Social Media Management

Authentic Stories + Authentic Relationships + Sophisticated Targeting = Brand Building

Do you need Social Media Management?

Yes, but ...

Social Media management focuses on building brand awareness and brand loyalty. A brand represents your business’ identify – who you are, how you help and what you stand for. Consumers form relationships with your brand. It is what they say about your business, when you are not in the room. As the owner of your brand, it is important you are delivering upon your promises and consumer experiences consistently.

Your brand is your #1 asset. When you choose to sell your business, its worth is dependant on the strength of your brand. It will answer the question – will it continue to grow without you at the helm. A social media manager specialises in building and fostering the relationship between your audience and your brand. They set the strategy, create compelling brand content, and distribute the content using the right social tools. It is a long-term investment.

Think About

Just 30% of small businesses and 45% of medium-sized businesses have a strategic plan for social media (Yellow Social Report, 2018). One of the reasons is cost. Many small-medium sized businesses focus their marketing efforts on lead generation over brand building. The cost per month is cheaper when focusing just on lead generation (i.e. SEO,  Facebook & Google Ads and Email Marketing). 

A great social media manager will utilise more of the tools available to build your brand and share your story. It may include social posts, photography, videos, competitions, events & PR, user-generated content, collaborations with other pages and partnering with social influencers. A greater focus on organic content vs paid ads – building month after month, so you are rewarded long after the campaign finishes, vs disappearing when the ads turn off.

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Meet, Strategy, Develop, Launch & review

How it works

After you speak with one of our marketing brokers we will provide you with a personalised referral to a social media manager. We will connect you with an agency or individual that has experience within your industry and building relationships with your customer.  

The social media manager will lead a strategy session, which includes industry & competitor review to put forward a comprehensive plan. This is paid for up front.

After an agreement is achieved, the social media manager then develops and launches the campaign. They will constantly review and optimise the campaign. They will keep you informed along the way. The campaign is minimum 3-months, most are 6-12-months.

Case Study

12RND Fitness

Provides boxing inspired workouts. 12x 3 minute round workouts. Their target market are time-conscious young professionals looking for a challenging, fast, exciting workout.  

The fitness industry is highly competitive. The challenge faced by all gyms is brand loyalty, moving a customer from awareness, to sign up, to attending week after week. They wanted to build a  community of “12RND’ers”.

Starts with a Story

Every boxer, every fighter has a story. It is more than just personal fitness, a 12RNDer is someone who fights for their family, their health, their community and their future. Our strategic partner focused on building partnerships with local fighters and athletes, to share their personal stories and their workouts at 12RND with their followers. 


The coaches also encouraged their clients to take photos and share they own personal stories online.They invited their online audience to special events and training sessions. This lead to a wealth of branded content that defined what it meant to be 12RNDer.

The Result 

Over 1 Million Impressions (up 267% year ago)

Almost 7,000 followers (up 71% vs year ago)

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