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Sponsorship marketing has evolved from a brand awareness or positioning strategy to establishing a deeper association and engagement with audiences the brand would be unable or find it difficult to reach by themselves. Sponsorship can represent your business’ relationship to your audiences community.


The mindset needs to be long-term. Performance of sponsorship marketing is built upon over months, sometimes years. To get the most out of it, you need to be prepared to engage with audiences within the context of the event.

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Sponsorship for most businesses tend to focus on local events. Anything from local sports, community, industry, culture, clubs, and more. For some it is a personal choice. For businesses looking to leverage sponsorship as part of a powerful marketing strategy, the choice becomes more complicated, which event? Type of partnership? And how to calculate Return on Investment?

Sponsorship is not a ‘ticket for good times’ – it is the procurement of exploitable rights to achieve your marketing objectives. Our partners have created practical frameworks that can ensure sponsorship is the best marketing investment your company makes.

Qld Govt Adapt Grant Round 2 Opens 1st July 2020

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After you speak with one of our marketing brokers, they will provide you with a personalised referral for one of our partners. Our partners have developed a proven and unique sponsor equity instrument and portfolio matrix to keep your sponsorship fit and performing. The consultation will include capacity building, matchmaking strategies and performance measurement.

Case Study & Published Research

Brisbane Heat

Our strategic partner is extremely pleased to have been instrumental in the establishment of this great partnership. By introducing measurable objectives and an uncomplicated activation strategy for CUA they were able to clearly demonstrate just how effective sponsorships can be in delivering marketing outcomes.

Full credit goes to the CUA team for committing wholeheartedly to the plans and embracing the collaborative opportunities presented by Queensland Cricket. The sponsorship lead to unique activations including the CUA pool deck at the Gabba and Heat VR for a new dimension of fan immersion and ticketing experience.


Sponsorship selections: Corporate culture beliefs and motivations

Sponsorship can be an effective strategic marketing tool yet it attracts criticism as a corporate indulgence shaped by the personal interests of senior executives. Today, sponsorship selection in large corporations is recommended to be a formal process involving evaluation criteria aligned to corporate policy and strategic priorities.

The purpose of this paper is to explore sponsorship selection practices and to consider the interplay between corporate culture and sponsorship managers’ beliefs about sponsorship types and their motivations. The findings provide not only new interpretation of the literature but also reveal a detailed picture of sponsorship selection.

Beyond Brand Exposure: Measuring the Halo Effect

Global spending on sponsorship continues to rise and many companies now establish portfolios containing a range of sponsorships across sport, arts and cause-related activities. Yet a lack of practical methodologies for the measurement and comparison of sponsorship performance within a portfolio context remains a challenge.

Sponsors often rely solely on proxy measures for brand exposure drawn from advertising. These do not capture the higher-level outcomes of sponsorship awareness and goodwill transfer, often attributed to sponsorship as a ‘halo effect’. This paper aims to present a matrix tool that combines consumer awareness of and goodwill for a sponsorship so the halo effects of sponsorships within a portfolio can be quantified and compared.

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