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Dear Business Owner,

We welcome you into the fold of fellow Australian entrepreneurs. It is not an easy decision and will come with many challenges. One of the most common frustrations for new entrepreneurs is marketing. They tried to do all the right things. They got the logo, set up their emails, invoicing, social pages and website. They organised business cards, new uniforms, car or shopfront signage. They were ready to enter the marketplace, only for it to be overwhelming, competitive, and littered with misinformation. 

For any new business, once your product or service is “fit-for-market”, should spend 80% of your time on sales and marketing. To do this effectively requires a solid foundation. Far too many business owners discover years after they started, that they had it all wrong. They had the wrong message, for the wrong audience, and sharing it in the wrong places: hundreds, even thousands of dollars spent on ads wasted.

I can assure you; you are not alone This year, over US$31 Billion will be spent on Facebook ads, which equates to trillions of ads (Business Insider, 2020). The AVERAGE click rate (so people responding to the ad) was 1.1% (Ad Stage, 2020). So almost 99% of worldwide Facebook ad spend was WASTED. Even scarier, the average conversion rate for websites is less than 3% (Wordstream, 2020). So countless business owners are spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars on ads, to get a handful of people to their website, only to have almost all of them go elsewhere. This needs to change.

Why does this happen? Unfortunately, to call yourself a marketer, you do not need to be qualified, certified, or registered. You do not need experience. You can complete an online course on how to sell marketing services, then sell those services. For most business owners, their first foray into digital marketing is with a website. A web developer may be excellent on the design and technical side; they don’t have the training or skills to create a marketing strategy. So, most businesses are paying full price for half of what they need the website to do. I beg you, do not make the same mistake. We are on a mission to help business owners like yourself.


You started a business for the opportunity it presents—a change in lifestyle and control over your day-to-day and your future. You want to be able to pay back those debts faster, hire some help, feel financially secure, and get back to what is most important, weekends away with friends and family, feeling good about the future. Sounds good?

We have partnered with the leading marketing professionals on the Sunshine Coast to provide you with a start-up package that will give you the fast start you need.

Let me explain…

What is involved in the startup marketing packages from Marketing Broker Australia?

Marketing is not just advertising or promotion. Marketing is defined by the American Marketing Association (2013) as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

Fundamentally, marketing is about creating and exchanging value with a customer.

Every choice you make about the way your business serves your customers is marketing, including the design of your product or service, the price you set, the staff your employ, the processes you use, the design of your shop front or website, how you distribute your product or service, and, of course, how you choose to promote your business.

So, what do we mean by ‘value’? Put simply; value is what the customer believes they are getting for the time and money they spend with you. It’s a subjective evaluation. The value you offer is not limited to fulfilment of need.

“Value comes from a customer’s entire experience with your business.”

Read the reviews on Google and Facebook of your competitors. Did they comment on their technique, choice of materials, or how their advice compares to that of the literature? Not likely! They most likely commented on their customer service, how they felt from the experience, cleanliness, timeliness, and that they were easy to understand and communicate with. The entire experience with you is the value you offer; from your socials, website and shopfront, right through to the follow-ups and check-in. If you look scrappy, you’ll get paid scrappy rates for your time and product.

Yes, your job is to take the customer from where they are now, to where they desire to be. But it’s crucial to note that your customer will pay more if they feel like they’re listened to, understood, and taken care of throughout the entire process. Regardless of your industry, you are in the service business. How you design and communicate the benefits of your service to show your value matters.

A comprehensive startup marketing package to save you on thousands on your advertising spend

At Marketing Broker Australia, we help you with the following:

  1. Define who your target market is – your ideal customer
  2. Define your unique selling proposition – what makes you the right choice for your target market
  3. Determine your conversion equation – what is the right message to sell your product/service
  4. Design a new logo with a style guide
  5. Design your branding suite, including business cards, social media covers, and email signatures
  6. Develop a “persuasive brand story” with the help of a professional SEO copywriter
  7. Develop a multi-page, mobile optimised, campaign-ready website for your business
  8. Set up a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, and integrate with your website
  9. Set up your Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, YouTube and LinkedIn business page
  10. Custom set-up of Google Analytics, so you can track campaign performance.

Let’s discuss what is involved in a start-up marketing package in more detail. To make it a little simpler, I will break it down into three steps; the plan, launch and leverage.



Marketing Planning

It has been argued that the primary purpose of strategic planning is to help companies understand how they can compete in the future (Hamel & Prahalad, 1994). The strategy session you will have with us streamlines this process for start-up businesses. We will provide you with a strategy outline, that will aid the decisions we will make together about your messaging, logo, website, socials, CRM and more. After you sign up with us, this is our starting point to understand your business, your customers and your industry.“Marketing planning involves choosing strategies that will help your business achieve its overall objectives.”


Launching Your New Business

We get to work designing and developing the marketing assets of your business. Your logo, digital branding, website, social business pages, customer database, bookings, tracking and more. Every choice based on the five pillars of campaign-readiness. Marketing should be fun. For us, there is nothing more exciting than a new launch. When all the work you put in, comes together and is made public. You should be proud and eager to share it with others. It is the moment your business becomes a real thing. Our role, at Marketing Broker Australia, is to make sure you launch with a solid foundation.

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Leveraging Your Marketing Assets for Growth 

The final stage is to connect you with a trusted, experienced, and proven marketing professional. We have over 25 marketing partners. Any budget, any objective, we can provide the right solution for you. We will organise contracts, briefing sessions, resources, tracking and more, so you can make the most of your partnership with the marketing agency or professional. We continue to be your independent advocate, someone you can go to at any time, to discuss your marketing performance. Plus, we will continue to check in on you and share helpful tips along the way. We operate like a mortgage broker. We do not charge you for our time. Like a mortgage broker, we are paid by them, for our services.

Why choose Marketing Broker Australia for startup marketing package?

We are sick and tired of seeing business owners being taken advantage of by amateur marketers. We know how important marketing is for building and growing a business. We believe all business owners should receive free, independent, quality advice about marketing their business before they sign on the dotted line.

“We understand that it takes hard work, dedication and commitment for a business to grow.”

You won’t see any of us posing in front of Ferraris or private jets! Nor will you see us making unsubstantiated claims or promises. We know it takes hard work, dedication, and commitment for a business to grow. It’s a journey, not a sprint. So here is what we can promise you:


you will work with trusted, experienced and proven marketing professionals. You'll have a marketing plan that allows you to track, review and action results every month.


we embrace innovation, change, new ideas and approaches. We can provide holistic solutions using multiple providers. No matter the size, we have a solution for you.


we operate with absolute integrity. We are honest and forthright about our intentions, our choices and our pricing. If we make a mistake, we own it and work with you to fix it.


Here’s what our clients have to say about Marketing Broker Australia

I have used the services from Marketing Broker Australia and they are great people to work with. Get more from your marketing budget and go see Luke and the team at Marketing Broker Australia.

John Core
Sunsure Financial Planning

I have known Luke Hawley from Marketing Broker Australia professionally for the past three years. He is thorough, creative and super helpful. He replies to my emails promptly & is very patient when answering my queries. He has surrounded himself with a great team

Eileen Stewart
Building Inspections Noosa

Up to date knowledge and experience with clear and honest communication about your product and what is needed. Flexible to work with, accommodating a small business needs. Can recommend!

Thorsten Schmidt

Luke has gone above what was expected in passing on his knowledge and helping us get our message out.

James Bermingham

Luke from Marketing Broker Australia had fantastic experience and advice, can highly recommend for all your marketing needs.

Scott Sherwin
Reliable Tree Services

Luke has a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to design, marketing and social media and everything to promote your business.

Monique Sabolch Block

If you want your business to be seen and heard in the best possible way, then talk to Luke at Marketing Broker Australia because he will it make it happen. Contact him and start your business booming now.

Steve Dodson
Noosa Hypnosis

Luke from Marketing broker designed and built my website and did a fantastic job. His attention to detail knows no bounds.

David Reynolds
DR Landscaping

I have had the pleasure to work with Luke Hawley and Matthew Hooper in the development of my website. After my initial conversation with Luke, I knew he was the right person to create my website for my business. Trust and respect was built and I was never disappointed with the service quality. Luke and Matt met me at my level of expertise and broke down each stage of the journey so that I could understand and still feel in control of what the end result would be. The explanation videos both Luke and Matt created were also great as I could refer back to them when needed. The end result is superb and professional , my website reflects my brand and the consistency across all social media platforms screams professionalism. Thank you for making this journey less of a mystery and painless. Lesa Prendergast

Lesa Prendergast
2Thrive Coaching

Up to date knowledge and experience with clear and honest communication about your product and what is needed. Flexible to work with, accommodating a small business needs. Can recommend!

Thorsten Schmidt

Excellent service. Highly recommended. They are very quick to communicate and resolve any issues that I have.

Vicky Linnett
My Little Keepsake

Luke and his team have been brilliant to work with from start to finish. I’m very happy with the end result. Thank you so much!!!

Brooke Sanders
Sparkling Noosa Cleaning Services

Good. Quick to help and they know there stuff. Much appreciated. Recommend

Will Shaw
Will's Window Cleaning Services

I highly recommend Luke and his team at Marketing Broker Australia, they are highly professional, knowledgeable and are very helpful. Thanks guys, love your work cheers Sandra Leigh

Sandra Leigh
Sandra Leigh Coaching

Grateful I worked through Marketing Broker for my Logos and Branding. It was a wonderful collaboration process. So exciting to see my vision for my business come alive. Such a creative team, thank you for looking after me!

Juliana Cameron
Bondi Nanny

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Save thousands on your ad spend, with a campaign-ready website



plus GST

A simple, easy to track marketing plan, and a persuasive brand story to support content creation.

A full digital branding suite, with logo, business cards, social covers and email signature. Up to 4 social business pages created and optimised (i.e. Facebook).

A beautiful, 4-page campaign-ready website built on WordPress using Elementor. Optimised for search with professional SEO copywriting. Integrations with CRM, booking calendar, Google, YouTube & Facebook.

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plus GST

A simple, easy to track marketing plan, and a persuasive brand story to support content creation.

A full digital branding suite, with logo, business cards, social covers, and email signature. Up to 5 social business pages created and optmised (i.e. Facebook).

A beautiful, 5-page campaign-ready website built on WordPress using Elementor. Optimised for search with professional SEO copywriting. Elegant, industry-specific 6-page ebook . Integrations with CRM, booking calendar, Google, YouTube & Facebook. PLUS keyword strategy & custom Google Analytics set up.  

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plus GST

A simple, easy to track marketing plan, and a persuasive brand story, to support content creation.

A full digital branding suite, with logo, business cards, social covers and email signature. Up to 8 social business pages created and optimised (i.e. Facebook).

A beautiful, 8-page campaign-ready website built on WordPress using Elementor. Optimised for search with professional SEO copywriting.  Elegant, industry-specific,12-page ebook. Integrations with CRM, booking calendar, Google, YouTube & Facebook. PLUS keyword strategy & custom Google Analytics set up.

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Here is our guarantee. It’s a little crazy, I know, but we are that confident. If, after six-months working with any of our marketing partners, with a campaign-ready website, if your sales have not drastically improved, we will host your campaign-ready website, with full web-support, for 60-months (5-years) – that is $3600+gst in value!

ALREADY HAVE A LOGO? We will take $600+gst off the price for you

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Elevate your brand with a professional, quality and value-centric logo design.

Video Marketing

Develop a video marketing strategy tailored to your consumer’s journey.

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Design a purpose-built, visually appealing, search optimised website, that grows with you

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Self-manage your marketing like a professional with free resources, training, and software

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The Marketing Broker Difference

We take a holistic view of your marketing to grow your business and recommend optimal solutions for you, and your budget. Our providers are trusted, experienced, proven, marketing professionals.

Our Recommendations Are FREE

It doesn’t cost you anything to speak to a marketing broker. We will provide advice and help you find the right provider OR recommend marketing tools to help you self-manage your marketing.

Creative, Strategic Solutions

Our team are not bound to any marketing specialisation. We can provide holistic solutions, using multiple providers. Digital, Print, Direct, Traditional, Branding, Video, Training & Coaching and more.

Better Outcomes

You will have a growth plan you can personally track. You will work with proven, experienced professionals that focus on growing your business. The results tracked, reviewed and actioned, every month

We Take Out The Legwork

Our expert brokers will provide you with personalised proposals, with options, based on your growth objectives and budget.

Independent Advocacy

We represent you, with our providers. If you have an issue, a question or would like a second opinion, we are there for you, at no additional cost to you.

We’ll Fit Your Schedule

Marketing brokers are flexible and will meet you at a time that suits you. Our video calls are recorded and shared with you, so you can review anytime.