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Dear Business Owner,

Imagine what it would mean to you and your business if every week, you were getting quality leads through your website while spending the same (or even less) on your marketing? You would be able to pay back those debts faster, hire some help, feel financially secure, and get back to what is most important, weekends away with friends and family, feeling good about the future. Sounds good?

So, ask yourself … you have a website, and despite all your best efforts, why did you get almost no leads from it? Maybe you took on the advice of your web developer and spent money on search optimisation, Facebook ads, and still nothing. You were asking why I am not getting any leads, and they never really gave you a clear answer.

I can assure you; you are not alone This year, over US$31 Billion will be spent on Facebook ads, which equates to trillions of ads (Business Insider, 2020). The AVERAGE click rate (so people responding to the ad) was 1.1% (Ad Stage, 2020). So almost 99% of worldwide Facebook ad spend was WASTED. Even scarier, the average conversion rate for websites is less than 3% (Wordstream, 2020). So countless business owners are spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars on ads, to get a handful of people to their website, only to have almost all of them go elsewhere. This needs to change. 

Why does this happen? Unfortunately, to call yourself a web-developer, you do not need to be qualified, certified, or registered. You do not need experience. You can complete an online course on how to make websites, then sell those services. Do not get me wrong, many website developers are excellent on the design and technical side of things, but they don’t have the training or skills to create a marketing strategy. Most web developers ask YOU for the content. The content is the most important part of your website, it is what drives conversions. It is crazy to leave this to you to figure out. Most businesses are paying full price for a fraction of what they need. I beg you, do not make the same mistake. We are on a mission to help business owners like yourself. 


We have partnered with the leading marketing professionals on the Sunshine Coast. We asked them what they wanted in a website. The aim, to provide a fast start to their campaigns, so their clients get 3-10x more sales from online sources, within 90 days of the campaign starting. What they asked for was simple – build us a website that puts the customer journey first.

Let me explain…

What is a campaign-ready website, and how does it support my marketing efforts?

A campaign-ready website is built to ensure you receive the optimal return on other marketing efforts, such as Google ads or social media campaigns. We prioritise content over technical design. Don’t get me wrong – design is important, and we partner with amazing web designers. However, in campaign-ready websites, 80% of the work is done before the project even gets to a web designer.  Let’s start with the basics. Have you heard the dating analogy for marketing? You don’t ask someone to marry you when you first meet. Courtship takes time and nurturing. A journey is needed to build trust, ensure compatibility and develop commitment.

It’s the same with sales and marketing. Think about your recent experiences with other websites. You go to check something out, maybe get some information, and are immediately hit with ads or pop-ups to buy now or miss out forever. You get frustrated and probably go back to the search results.
This is all too common. One of the big reasons campaigns fail is because they’re too quick to sell something. You need to court your prospect FIRST. Nurture that relationship and build trust – then when you share an offer tailored to their needs, they’re ready to commit. For any marketing to work, it MUST do three things: 1. It MUST grab your prospect’s attention 2. It MUST facilitate their information-gathering and decision-making processes, and 3. It MUST provide a specific, low risk, easy to take action that helps them make the right decision.

Second, we know every prospect is always looking for the best ‘deal’ – no matter who they are or what they want to buy. That doesn’t mean the lowest price; it means the most value for the price they pay. To know whether something is the best deal, they must have decision-making information. Your marketing MUST make it easy for your prospect to gather the information they need to decide. And third, your marketing must contain a low, or better yet, no-risk offer to further help your prospect make their decision. You have to give them a compelling but safe way to take the next step (the second date). This ‘next step’ may not necessarily be to plunk down their credit card then and there and buy your product or service. We want to move them comfortably through the customer journey.

We must respect their time. It’s crucial to provide a user experience that evokes positive emotions. No one likes being sold to, deceived, interrupted, or confused. Great marketing helps customers make better choices. Our aim is not to convince everyone to buy right now. Your website should consider who you’re speaking to and where they are in the decision-making process. Give only what they need so they can decide whether to proceed to the next stage.
The website design should aid this by making the process feel organised, seamless, enjoyable, helpful, appealing and, where appropriate, entertaining! Your website is a key part of their overall experience with you. They are making judgements about you and your professionalism. Your reputation is on the line, so it’s crucial to get this right.

Ok, tell me more. send me The must-read guide

The customer journey provides the structure of your website

The customer journey map is what makes our websites campaign ready. It outlines the steps a customer takes from first becoming aware of you, to buying from you, to becoming a loyal advocate of your product or service. For purchases that are ‘high-involvement’ (ie important to the prospect, often more expensive and possibly carrying more risk), it can take days, weeks, even months before they decide to buy. For ‘low-involvement’ purchases, often e-commerce products, it can still take 7-13 interactions before they choose to buy from you.  Great marketers know this and use this fundamental principle to develop successful business campaigns. Facebook can be outstanding for this. The infographic below shows how heavily this journey relies on content.

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A campaign-ready website builds dedicated pages for each stage of the customer journey.

At Marketing Broker Australia, we will build a webpage for five of the six stages of the customer journey. We can develop the ‘service’ stage for you upon request. The service stage often requires custom web-development. Here’s what you can expect with a five-page website. Five Stages:

We’ll create a page for the first contact. It will be dedicated to your free eBook, with a video from you about what is included. Don’t worry, all this, including an eBook, is part of our packages.

This is by far the most important page on your website. It will either be your home page or your services page. We use the ‘persuasive selling format‘ and your’ conversion equation‘ to provide all the information your prospect needs to decide whether to buy from you (more about this later).

We’ll create a dedicated page to move them to your sales process. It might be a free consultation, quote, or webinar. This page will include a video from you covering what they can expect when they first meet you and answers to FAQs.

We’ll set up a blog page and template for you and show you how to create blogs. Your blogs should provide helpful advice and tips for your customers. Blog writing not your thing? That’s ok – one of our partners can help you with this as well.

We’ll provide a professionally written ‘About Us’ page that highlights your credibility and trustworthiness. Plus, we’ll integrate your social feeds to make it easy for customers to follow up and give you a review. We’ll also set up a CRM integration, so you can continue to connect with your customer list.

We work with you, to provide, professional, search-engine optimised written content. 

The WOW factor of our websites is the written content. We have an industry-leading briefing process, developed in partnership with copywriters, marketers and website developers and refined over many years. Our kick-off strategy sessions are designed to capture what makes you and your business special. We will find your persuasive voice and gather the information required to facilitate the decision-making process of your customers. We utilise the “conversion equation” and “persuasive selling format” to bring your content to life. If that is not enough, our developers also make sure that the website is optimised for search

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Beautiful, responsive design using WordPress, so your website is ready for any device 

Your website comes to life to WOW your customers. The website should reflect your brand and highlight your messaging. It should be designed with the user in mind and be focused, simple, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. All our websites are built using the world’s leading content management system, WordPress. We use Elementor, a visual builder, to create dynamic, responsive, modern websites, that are easy for our clients to self-manage. Our design approach is anchored on three principles:

Our developers ensure the website is easy to use on any device. The website is easy to navigate and interact with. Each page is optimised for those who like to quickly scroll through the website reading the headlines only, and those you prefer to read all the details.

A beautiful, simple design approach that incorporates your professionalism and branding. We use consistent and straightforward layouts, colours, and typography. The simpler the design, the more timeless it is. We avoid gimmicks and focus on presenting your content using the latest’ themes’.

We will set up integrations that support your sales process, including CRM integration, online bookings, enquiry forms, downloadable PDFs, selected Google webmaster tools, Facebook news feeds, Facebook Pixel and more upon request.

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Bonus – We Will Produce Your First Ebook For The Website

We know writing your eBook can be overwhelming. It takes time to pull together multiple pages, compelling dynamic content, specific to your industry. If you engage with a professional to write an original, unique eBook for you, it can cost between $2000-$10,000. It’s important to us that you get a fast start with your website and have an easy next step; the downloadable item is crucial to our campaign-ready websites. So, we have partnered with StandOut Publishing Group to produce your first professional, industry-specific eBook. They will customise it to your branding and use proven, clickable articles to drive engagement and help you capture potential leads on your website.

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Why choose Marketing Broker Australia to build your website?

We are sick and tired of seeing business owners being taken advantage of by amateur web developers and marketers. We understand how important a website is to build and grow a business. We believe all business owners should have a campaign-ready website at launch, to support current and future marketing activities. We know, for a business to grow, it requires hard work, dedication, and commitment. It’s a journey, not a sprint. So here is what we promise you:


you'll have a website that has been approved by leading marketers on the Sunshine Coast and designed to capture and convert quality leads.


we embrace innovation, change, new ideas and approaches. We can provide holistic solutions using multiple providers. No matter the size, we have a solution for you.


we operate with absolute integrity. We are honest and forthright about our intentions, our choices and our pricing. If we make a mistake, we own it and work with you to fix it.


Here’s what our clients have to say about Marketing Broker Australia

I have used the services from Marketing Broker Australia and they are great people to work with. Get more from your marketing budget and go see Luke and the team at Marketing Broker Australia.

John Core
Sunsure Financial Planning

I have known Luke Hawley from Marketing Broker Australia professionally for the past three years. He is thorough, creative and super helpful. He replies to my emails promptly & is very patient when answering my queries. He has surrounded himself with a great team

Eileen Stewart
Building Inspections Noosa

Up to date knowledge and experience with clear and honest communication about your product and what is needed. Flexible to work with, accommodating a small business needs. Can recommend!

Thorsten Schmidt

Luke has gone above what was expected in passing on his knowledge and helping us get our message out.

James Bermingham

Luke from Marketing Broker Australia had fantastic experience and advice, can highly recommend for all your marketing needs.

Scott Sherwin
Reliable Tree Services

Luke has a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to design, marketing and social media and everything to promote your business.

Monique Sabolch Block

If you want your business to be seen and heard in the best possible way, then talk to Luke at Marketing Broker Australia because he will it make it happen. Contact him and start your business booming now.

Steve Dodson
Noosa Hypnosis

Luke from Marketing broker designed and built my website and did a fantastic job. His attention to detail knows no bounds.

David Reynolds
DR Landscaping

I have had the pleasure to work with Luke Hawley and Matthew Hooper in the development of my website. After my initial conversation with Luke, I knew he was the right person to create my website for my business. Trust and respect was built and I was never disappointed with the service quality. Luke and Matt met me at my level of expertise and broke down each stage of the journey so that I could understand and still feel in control of what the end result would be. The explanation videos both Luke and Matt created were also great as I could refer back to them when needed. The end result is superb and professional , my website reflects my brand and the consistency across all social media platforms screams professionalism. Thank you for making this journey less of a mystery and painless. Lesa Prendergast

Lesa Prendergast
2Thrive Coaching

Up to date knowledge and experience with clear and honest communication about your product and what is needed. Flexible to work with, accommodating a small business needs. Can recommend!

Thorsten Schmidt

Excellent service. Highly recommended. They are very quick to communicate and resolve any issues that I have.

Vicky Linnett
My Little Keepsake

Luke and his team have been brilliant to work with from start to finish. I’m very happy with the end result. Thank you so much!!!

Brooke Sanders
Sparkling Noosa Cleaning Services

Good. Quick to help and they know there stuff. Much appreciated. Recommend

Will Shaw
Will's Window Cleaning Services

I highly recommend Luke and his team at Marketing Broker Australia, they are highly professional, knowledgeable and are very helpful. Thanks guys, love your work cheers Sandra Leigh

Sandra Leigh
Sandra Leigh Coaching

Grateful I worked through Marketing Broker for my Logos and Branding. It was a wonderful collaboration process. So exciting to see my vision for my business come alive. Such a creative team, thank you for looking after me!

Juliana Cameron
Bondi Nanny

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A beautiful, 5-page campaign-ready website built on WordPress using Elementor. Optimised for search with professional SEO copywriting. Elegant, industry-specific, 6-page ebook. Integrations with CRM, booking calendar, Google, YouTube & Facebook.

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A beautiful, 5-page campaign-ready website built on WordPress using Elementor. Optimised for search with professional SEO copywriting. Elegant, industry-specific 6-page ebook . Integrations with CRM, booking calendar, Google, YouTube & Facebook. PLUS keyword strategy & custom Google Analytics set up.  

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A beautiful, 8-page campaign-ready website built on WordPress using Elementor. Optimised for search with professional SEO copywriting.  Elegant, industry-specific,12-page ebook. Integrations with CRM, booking calendar, Google, YouTube & Facebook. PLUS keyword strategy & custom Google Analytics set up.

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Here is our guarantee. It’s a little crazy, I know, but we are that confident. If, after six-months working with any of our marketing partners, with a campaign-ready website, if your sales have not drastically improved, we will host your campaign-ready website, with full web-support, for 60-months (5-years) – that is $3600+gst in value!


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