Are you tired of not knowing what is happening with your website? 

Get professional, fast, responsive website hosting & support from as little as $20+gst per month

Dear Business Owner,

I get the desire at times to just set it and forget it. You have already exerted a lot of effort in getting the website developed, and the easy option is to go with whatever the developer recommended for webhosting. Pay the bill as it comes in and focus on everything else. That works … until it doesn’t.

What would happen to your business if you could no longer send emails, you can no longer take payments or bookings on your website, or your website is hacked, and your customers are sent fraudulent invoices. How will that impact your reputation? Your relationship with your customers? If you owned a store, you would insure against that – have you done that for your website?

The move to online presents exciting new opportunities, but also a whole new world of risks. You do not just need a web hosting provider. You need someone to reduce your risk, and keep you informed on website performance.

So ask yourself … why do you keep spending your hard-earned dollars on a no-action, standard website hosting provider, that only promises speed and bandwidth, but takes no steps to keep your website up-to-date and secure?

We are here to help.

We have partnered with leading web developers and marketing professionals on the Sunshine Coast. We asked them what they needed in a website host to support their marketing campaigns. They asked for the following:

  • Fast, secure, webhosting, that adapts to changes in webtraffic
  • Google webmaster tools built in and set up for easy review and reporting
  • WordPress and WordPress plugins updated regulary
  • Regular back-ups of website
  • Secure hosting, with smart anti-hack and anti-spam technology
  • Professional, responsive websupport. Emails responded to within 24hrs.
  • No surprises. Any downtime quickly reported and fixed.

Get professional, fast, responsive website hosting and support from as little as $20+gst per month

Our servers are local, fast and secure.

We use Cloudways High-Frequency Vultr. Cloudways provides exceptional customer service, so our developers get the help they need, as they need it. The platform offers an innovative control panel, managed security, 24/7 real-time monitoring, automated back-ups and scalability of resources. So, we can adjust your website’s bandwidth to meet growing demand. The High-Frequency Vultr servers promise 20-50% improved performance and stability over standard servers, ensuring faster load times. To learn more of the differences, check out this article here.

Why does this matter? Load times are one of the most important factors in your website’s ranking on search and overall user experience.

We keep your networks secure, fast, and reliable

We use Cloudflare. Cloudflare offers DDoS protection and traffic acceleration for all your network infrastructure. This is important for managing your emails and how your website connects to your domain host (i.e. DNS).

Why does this matter? Makes it easier to securly manage what has access to your domain to prevent cyber attacks and fraud.

We keep your WordPress site up-to-date 

We use ManageWP. Your website is built using a variety of applications. Just like your smartphone, they are regularly being updated to keep up with new technologies and risks. Every one of our packages includes monthly updates of WordPress and all your plugins. We check to make sure the updates do not effect the performance of your website or create unexpected crashes. Manage WP also supports regular backups and easy recovery. So, if you accidentally break your website during an update (it’s ok, it happens to the best of us), we can quickly restore it.

Why does this matter? The older your website, the higher the risk of a successful cyber attack. User experience is improved with a faster, more stable website.

We provide 24/7 uptime monitoring.

We use Better Uptime. One of the fastest uptime monitoring platforms available. If your website goes down, for any reason, even for a few seconds, we will know as soon as it happens. The platform provides easy debugging tools and reports so our developers can more efficiently identify and fix any issue with your website. 

Why does this matter? If your website is prone to downtime, Google and Facebook will penalise you with higher charges for your ad spend.

We keep your website safe and secure

Our developers use a host of tactics to reduce the threat of cyber risk to your website. The tactics include creating an unique login page for your website; captcha for webforms; and a variety of plugins designed to protect your website, PLUS all our websites are SSL certified (at no additional charge).

We also have full cyber insurance for all the websites we host.

Bonus – Google SiteKit set up for FREE

We install and set up Google Site Kit for all our clients. Google’s official WordPress plugin. When you login to your website, you will get insights about how people find and use your site, how to improve website performance. Google SiteKit connects your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed, Google AdSense and Google Optimise, into one easy to use dashboard. We will connect all your Google webmaster services. We will even provide basic Google Analytics customisations, to track website performance, beyond just traffic. We will set up your first website goal.

Why choose Marketing Broker Australia to host your website?

We are sick and tired of seeing business owners being taken advantage of by amateur web developers. We understand how important a website is to build and grow a business. We believe all business owners should have a campaign-ready website at launch, to support current and future marketing activities. We know, for a business to grow, it requires hard work, dedication, and commitment. It’s a journey, not a sprint. So here is what we promise you:


you'll have a website that has been approved by leading marketers on the Sunshine Coast and designed to capture and convert quality leads.


we embrace innovation, change, new ideas and approaches. We can provide holistic solutions using multiple providers. No matter the size, we have a solution for you.


we operate with absolute integrity. We are honest and forthright about our intentions, our choices and our pricing. If we make a mistake, we own it and work with you to fix it.

Here’s what our clients have to say about Marketing Broker Australia

I have used the services from Marketing Broker Australia and they are great people to work with. Get more from your marketing budget and go see Luke and the team at Marketing Broker Australia.

John Core
Sunsure Financial Planning

I have known Luke Hawley from Marketing Broker Australia professionally for the past three years. He is thorough, creative and super helpful. He replies to my emails promptly & is very patient when answering my queries. He has surrounded himself with a great team

Eileen Stewart
Building Inspections Noosa

Up to date knowledge and experience with clear and honest communication about your product and what is needed. Flexible to work with, accommodating a small business needs. Can recommend!

Thorsten Schmidt

Luke has gone above what was expected in passing on his knowledge and helping us get our message out.

James Bermingham

Luke from Marketing Broker Australia had fantastic experience and advice, can highly recommend for all your marketing needs.

Scott Sherwin
Reliable Tree Services

Luke has a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to design, marketing and social media and everything to promote your business.

Monique Sabolch Block

If you want your business to be seen and heard in the best possible way, then talk to Luke at Marketing Broker Australia because he will it make it happen. Contact him and start your business booming now.

Steve Dodson
Noosa Hypnosis

Luke from Marketing broker designed and built my website and did a fantastic job. His attention to detail knows no bounds.

David Reynolds
DR Landscaping

I have had the pleasure to work with Luke Hawley and Matthew Hooper in the development of my website. After my initial conversation with Luke, I knew he was the right person to create my website for my business. Trust and respect was built and I was never disappointed with the service quality. Luke and Matt met me at my level of expertise and broke down each stage of the journey so that I could understand and still feel in control of what the end result would be. The explanation videos both Luke and Matt created were also great as I could refer back to them when needed. The end result is superb and professional , my website reflects my brand and the consistency across all social media platforms screams professionalism. Thank you for making this journey less of a mystery and painless. Lesa Prendergast

Lesa Prendergast
2Thrive Coaching

Up to date knowledge and experience with clear and honest communication about your product and what is needed. Flexible to work with, accommodating a small business needs. Can recommend!

Thorsten Schmidt

Excellent service. Highly recommended. They are very quick to communicate and resolve any issues that I have.

Vicky Linnett
My Little Keepsake

Luke and his team have been brilliant to work with from start to finish. I’m very happy with the end result. Thank you so much!!!

Brooke Sanders
Sparkling Noosa Cleaning Services

Good. Quick to help and they know there stuff. Much appreciated. Recommend

Will Shaw
Will's Window Cleaning Services

I highly recommend Luke and his team at Marketing Broker Australia, they are highly professional, knowledgeable and are very helpful. Thanks guys, love your work cheers Sandra Leigh

Sandra Leigh
Sandra Leigh Coaching

Grateful I worked through Marketing Broker for my Logos and Branding. It was a wonderful collaboration process. So exciting to see my vision for my business come alive. Such a creative team, thank you for looking after me!

Juliana Cameron
Bondi Nanny

Upgrade to a professionally managed webhosting service by subscribing to a monthly package. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What do I need to get started?

The registration form with ask for a few details about your website, namely your login details. You will also need to provide your payment details.

How much does this cost?

There are no set up costs and no lock in contracts. Just the monthly subscription. You pay as you go, before the start of the new month. The monthly charge starts at $20+gst per month for standard websites and $60+gst per month for e-commerce websites.

Is the hosting & support limited to Australian businesses only?

Yes, currently our services are limited to Australian-based businesses only.

What will I see on my invoice

Marketing Broker Australia is a division of Eudomia Group Pty Ltd. You will be invoiced by ABN – 90624190209

Are there any exit costs? or lock-in contracts?

If you choose to move your website hosting & support to another provider, there will be no additional costs from us. You are invoiced before the start of each the new month. There are no lock in contracts, you can cancel at any time.

What happens if I pay late?

(a) you agree to pay by direct debit, one month in advance;

(b) you agree to pay any transaction fees, based on the method of payment;

(c) if any amount payable remains unpaid thirty (30) days after becoming overdue, Eudomia Group shall have the right to immediately suspend the hosting of your website. Your website will go offline until payment is received.

What about privacy of data?

You are welcome to review Marketing Broker Australia full privacy and terms of service statement here.

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Our expert brokers will provide you with personalised proposals, with options, based on your growth objectives and budget.

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