Our role is to ensure you are working with trusted, experienced, proven marketing professionals 👩‍💼. We operate a lot like a mortgage broker or a builders’ broker, acting as the middleman between you and a wide range of marketing professionals. Our vast network includes website designers, mobile app developers, social media marketers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, copywriters, professional photographers and videographers, anything printed, local telemarketers, public relations, CRM experts and much much more.

After working with and speaking with hundreds of local businesses on the Sunshine Coast – we noticed there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty when it comes to marketing, mainly digital marketing. Business owners are overwhelmed 🤷‍♀‍ by choice and not sure what to do and with whom. There are over 125 digital marketing agencies on the Sunshine Coast, and over 8000 nationwide. An agency is not required to be qualified, certified, registered with an industry body or meet a minimum standard in campaign performance. This adds to the nervousness and hesitation of business owners when it comes to finding someone to help them promote their business.

This is where we fit in by helping you find the right resources and the right marketing professionals to grow your business with marketing. The marketing broker difference includes:

👉Our Recommendations Are FREE = It doesn’t cost you anything to speak to a marketing broker. We will provide advice and help you find the right provider OR recommend marketing tools to help you self-manage your marketing.

👉Independent Advocacy = We represent you, with our providers. If you have an issue, a question or would like a second opinion, we are there for you, at no additional cost to you.

👉Better Outcomes = You will have a growth plan you can personally track. You will work with proven, experienced professionals that focus on growing your business. The results tracked, reviewed and actioned, every month

👉Creative, Strategic Solutions = Our team are not bound to any marketing specialisation. We can provide holistic solutions using multiple providers. Digital, Print, Direct, Traditional, Branding, Video, Training & Coaching and more.

👉We Take Out The Legwork = Our expert brokers will provide you with personalised proposals, based on your growth objectives and budget.

👉We’ll Fit Your Schedule = Marketing brokers are flexible and will meet you at a time that suits you. Our video calls are recorded and shared with you so that you can review anytime.

If you have any questions 🧐 about what we do and how – feel free to leave a comment below, we are happy to answer any of your questions.

About The Author

Luke Hawley

Luke Hawley

Managing Director of Marketing Broker Australia - A teacher of marketing, a student of marketing and a broker of marketing - Based in the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

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